• Auberon


    A young Avarel going through the difficult but common "Angel of Death" phase
  • Bron Brightblade

    Bron Brightblade

    The famous centaur paladin from Elven wilderness, Bron is widely thought to have coined the phrase "What? There's evil? I wish someone had told me!"
  • Diligence Crow

    Diligence Crow

    52 years old and still in good shape, Crow is a determined survivalist and an expert sniper.
  • Dyne Du'Arden

    Dyne Du'Arden

    A nobleman robbed of his home and family, Dyne applied his wit and charm to the service of King Saradin Sunstream and Sre'Landa
  • Grime Steelshatter

    Grime Steelshatter

    Tank and Reaver of the 38s. Exceptional physical specimen, eligible bachelor and tabloid favorite
  • Ilik Klop

    Ilik Klop

    A champion of his tribe and hero to the civilized lands, Ilik's terrible strength and imposing physique served him well in his quest for fame and glory.
  • Ivan Turnskull

    Ivan Turnskull

    Orcish Paladin of Signard and Milerna, bent on integrating the Orcish race with civilized society.
  • Karl Bergman

    Karl Bergman

    Chicks dig guys with skills
  • Leven Valera

    Leven Valera

    After a brief adventuring career, Valera retired to pilot an airship and quickly became known for his changing moods and personalities.
  • Lucas ('Stitch') Thren

    Lucas ('Stitch') Thren

    Medic, Paladin of Milerna, and Puncher of Heads
  • Odin Sunstream

    Odin Sunstream

    The son of Saradin Sunstream and heir to the throne of Lucoth, Odin took up adventuring under the watchful eye of Dyne Du'Arden and Albrecht Steiner
  • Sarah Wingblade

    Sarah Wingblade

    The strongest Avarel ever to live, Sarah Wingblade became of paladin of Odwin and fought his enemies fiercely with spear and shield.
  • Serrec Swiftshot

    Serrec Swiftshot

    Wood elf ranger, renowned for his prowess with his bow but tragically frail of body.