Briseas Te'Salmut

Formerly the Princess of Salmut, now the Empress of Rook


Daughter to Krion Te’Salmut and Samarah Te’Salmut, younger sister to Roderick Te’Salmut, Briseas is a powerful earth mage in her own right and well liked by the citizens of Salmut. Quiet and reserved Briseas has always seemed content to live in her brother’s shadow and has shown no ambition towards the throne. Though generally calm and collected, Briseas has been found to be quick to anger when either her family name or country has been besmirched. The few outbursts that she has had have been attributed to the amount of time Briseas spends surrounded by Captain Kharde and his men.


Briseas Te'Salmut

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