Maxwell Chase

Brigadier-General of the Rook Army


The Brigadier General of Rook, Maxwell Chase began his career as a young officer during the Rook/Estril war and was instrumental in cutting off supply lines to the then Estril commanded Ft. Peregrine. Always at the head of the charge, Chase quickly gained a reputation as a man of action who was “Strong as an bear, quick as a snake, and fiercer than a lion”. After receiving commendations for his actions behind enemy lines Chase immediately accepted command of the incursion force being sent to Salmut to the north. It was there during the siege of Ft. Salahan that Maxwell Chase lost his eye to The Obsidian Blade of Salmut. Upon returning to Central in Rook Chase again received commendations for his valor and leadership, but this time he was awarded the position of brigadier general and first in command of the Rook armed forces by Maloch Edstrom himself.


Maxwell Chase

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