Sendrick Edstrom

Heir apparent to the throne of Rook


A charismatic young man who has been raised by his father Maloch Edstrom with the expectation that Sendrick would one day take his place as the new emperor of Rook. Though any nobleman of rook has as much of a claim to the seat as Sendrick he has never shown any fear that the throne would not one day belong to him.


PC Notes

  • Badly injured in the blast which killed his father. Recovered fully after a period of weeks.
  • Established relationship with the 38th company, who went to King’s Mines at his behest to assist Sera’zon. He later claimed that he wanted Sera’zon checked on.
  • Nearly betrothed to Clarissa Farthing during childhood.
  • Father accused him of changing after assault on Peregrine. This was dismissed by most as the ravings of a man whose mind was deteriorating.
  • Under the care of Elena Prince at Peregrine during the result, where his unit was separated from the main force and he was nearly brought down (he appeared to feign death)
  • Married to Princess of Salmut, uniting the two kingdoms.
  • Presumed to be under Thalandros’ control as part of the the affair of the altar in the Warrens, though there is less evidence pointing to his involvement than the Generals.

Sendrick Edstrom

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