Legendary Adamantite Claymore

weapon (melee)

A magical Adamantite Two Handed Sword. Protects its’ wielder from death with unknown repercussions.

PC notes

Magical Greatsword, stats and abilities largely unknown. What follows is purely speculative:
Protects its wielder from death, sucks the physique of those it damages, gets increasingly more powerful the more times it has saved its wielder’s life. Requires regular feeding in the form of blood (presumably), might need to be fed more often as it gets more powerful. Much of this may not be correct.


The Sword named Gram is also known as the Harbinger of the Fifth head, the Pirate King’s reaver, and the scourge of the seven sands.

Wielded by many powerful warriors throughout history the blade has been used for great good and horrible evil. Some legends say that whoever wields the sword is made immortal and cannot die, others say the blade only sustains the life force of the wielder as long as they can survive the hardships of battle and abandons them to turn to dust when they can no longer continue.


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