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Rook is the scientific and technological center of the continent. A recent program instituted by the previous emperor Maloch Edstrom has made significant breakthroughs in the areas of coal power and firearms. Currently the kingdom is ruled by his son Emperor Sendrick Edstrom, who has continued his father’s programs. After years of war with Salmut, Sendrick married Briseas Te’Salmut to cement a peace treaty and secure the coal mines so crucial to Rook’s industry.


While Rook is strong in industry its terrain and climate make agriculture difficult, forcing it to trade or conquer its neighbors for food and arable land. Wars with Estril have ended with some gain for Rook and an advantageous trade position. The new train which spans the length of the kingdom has dramatically increased the quantity and quality of goods, allowing Central to expand into the industrial capital of the world and steadily increasing Rook’s wealth and power.


Traditionally Rook has relied on its powerful military to expand its presence and ensure its power on the continent. The recent developments in firearms and coal power have made its regular army a fearsome power. The army is led by Brigadier-General Maxwell Chase, who reports directly to the Emperor. The Rook Military page has more information.


Central, officially Kalumet
Corvus, on the southern border between Rook and Estril
Daros, on the northern border between Rook and Salmut
Palantin, Rook’s primary naval base


The Citadel

Major Races:



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