The material world in which DHFEC I-IV have taken place. Currently it is made up of three major discovered continents, not including the ice caps.

Geologic History

Thousands of years prior to the events of DHFEC Beta, Templum was a large world split asunder into two mirror worlds – Order and Chaos – during the War of the Magi by Erasmus and his allies. Events after the Sundering take place in the World of Order.

World of Order

The Order mirror of Templum included two continents and the Overworld, which was land floating high above the surface and home to the Avarel, grey elves, and harpies. The two continents were never named but were made of Lucoth and Salmut on the Western continent and Taryl and Despin on the Eastern. Towers one mile tall on each continent allowed travel between the Overworld and surface.


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